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Enterprise Resource Partners created eVETassist™ to revolutionize the workflow of the Veterans Services Commissions. Our application provides an affordable solution to managing client information and your work environment.

We have 8 years of experience working in conjunction with multiple veteran services agencies in Ohio to create a product to best service your needs. eVETassist™ will usher in a new way to organize your agency. As a result, you will save time, streamline processes, provide improved service to your clients, and create a more cost effective office

What You're Telling Us

“…we are thrilled with both the product and the service. We would endorse eVETassist™ to anyone who wants data collection, easy access to cases and vendor payments that are done on the spot.”

Robert Schloendorn, Executive Director
Cuyahoga County Veterans Services Commission

“Our office has used Vet Assist to manage our Financial Assistance claims and to keep a record of all of the work that we do since 2002. Using the reports incorporated into this program we are able to submit a monthly report to all of the organizations within a matter of minutes and automatically generate the information required in our annual state report. eVETassist™ is a much anticipated re-write of this program that not only provides the financial assistance application process, but also the forms needed to file claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This helps to eliminate errors and greatly reduces the time that one claim takes each service officer to complete.”

Mary C. Oliver, Service Officer
Licking County Veterans Services Commission